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Si tratta di una forma di aiuto estremamente utile che può facilmente essere suggerita a parenti, amici, conoscenti e sostenitori. Grazie! 

Seconda Navigazione

Pathways to knowledge and awareness for children of all ages with serious disabilities

And Socrates proceeded: “After this, when I had wearied of investigating things, I thought that I must be careful to avoid the experience of those who watch an eclipse of the sun, for some of them ruin their eyes unless they watch its reflection in water or some such material” (Plato, Phaedo, 99D)

Who we are

Seconda Navigazione (Second Navigation) is a type A social cooperative founded by five families with children affected by severe and serious congenital disabilities. The cooperative offers social and educational assistance, following a personalised programme for each child.
Seconda Navigazione aims to provide an innovative, welcoming, forward-looking space. Our children, irrespective of how severe their disability or serious their infirmity, demonstrate a willingness to do educational work that reminds us of that second navigation. For Plato this meant the discovery of the true world that shines forth through the opaque nature of our being. A world each of us feels in the infinite imbalance between what one experiences within, and what one knows how to express.

The Seconda Navigazione Cooperative, which is a type A social cooperative, is based in the municipality of Buccinasco, in via Bologna 2, and has been recognized as a centre for experimental social and educational activities and opportunities by the Municipality of Buccinasco in accordance with resolution n. 175 of 5 / 09/2018.


What we offer 

Seconda Navigazione is an experimental centre recognized by the local authorities of Buccinasco under Municipal Resolution no. 175 of the Town Council, dated 05/09/2018, as a place of education and training
The cooperative offers a personalized educational pathway for children with serious and very serious disabilities, to enhance their learning potential and capacity to form relationships, in accordance with the specific possibilities of their condition. 

Our Partners 


Fondazione Maddalena Grassi

Seconda Navigazione works closely on a regular basis with the Maddalena Grassi Foundation (, which follows some of the children and young people from the Cooperative. The interaction fosters the creation of mutual complementary care pathways for the children, and knowledge and awareness pathways.


Fondazione Centro Benedetta d'Intino 

Seconda Navigazione has also launched a partnership with the Benedetta d'Intino Center Foundation (, with whom it is developing a course on Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC). The activity aims to make the headquarters of the Cooperative a communicative environment and to perfect techniques and tools used by educators to work on children's communication strategies.



Milano Marathon

The Seconda Navigazione Cooperative was chosen by the Association “Sostieni il Sostegno” [Support Support] as a recipient of funding raised through participation in the Milan Marathon 2019. Go to
These collected funds will allow a new and efficient air conditioning system to be installed in the premises of the Cooperative.


Our logo comes from a design by Paul Klee

The series of Angels created by the artist arouses particular interest. Figurines made in watercolour, pen or charcoal, which embody the meaningful concepts of Klee's thought.
Represented as children, ugly and defenceless, characterized by small physical defects and weaknesses, anguished and anguishing, smiling and likeable.
Angels as children, with enormous potential and extreme sensitivity, but unable to act due to physical limits or spatial and temporal confines. The angel who tries to ascend to Heaven but cannot. 


Scientific Committee

Right from when it was founded, Seconda Navigazione set up a scientific committee comprising specialists from different fields. The role of the Scientific Committee is to supervise the educational pathways and activities offered to the children. Furthermore, it provides educators and families with in-depth studies on issues related to the experience of severe disability, as well as information on ongoing scientific and cultural research regarding disability, specific diseases, and the experience of pain.

Committee Members: 

Maurizio Viri (Child neuropsychiatrist, epileptologist)
Maurizio Marzegalli (cardiologist, vice-president of the Maddalena Grassi Foundation)
Patrizia Elli (paediatrician, palliative care specialist)
Javier Prades Lopez (theologist)


Alberto Mina (President)
Amabile Lanfredini
Chiara Battisti La Loggia
Massimo Carriero
Alice Spagnuolo


Chiara Savarese
Griselda Lithgow  




Cooperativa Seconda Navigazione
Via Bologna, 2
Buccinasco (MI)